Biografie Roberto Guijarro

Roberto Guijarro is a passionate musician with a versatile career both in Spain, where he was born, and The Netherlands, where he currently lives. His activity as a performer includes solo recitals, solo performances with orchestra, chamber music and accompanying singers and several choirs. His solo career includes the participation in several festivals like the “Ciclo de jóvenes intérpretes” in 2009 and 2011 and the “Piano Festival Rafel Orozco”. In The Netherlands it’s worth to highlight his performances in De Doelen during the participation in the Piano Marathons dedicated to Debussy and Spanish Music.

Roberto Guijarro has been playing with several orchestras as the “Lira Numantina”, “Camerata Capricho Espanol”, Codarts Symphony Orchestra, Symfonie Orkest of Den Haag and Camerata Rotterdam. His collaborations with these orchestras include tours in Spain and The Netherlands with conductors Carlos Garces and Charles Matthews

Since 2013 he has been very active as a chamber musician in several ensembles. It’s worth to highlight his work with the Breton Trio, ensemble which he founded. In its regular performances throughout The Netherlands are comprised the opening of the Saint Jans Kerk chamber music Festival in Gouda.

Roberto’s recordings include a performance for the Dutch radio and television  in 2014 and 2016 as well as, in several occasions, for the Spanish television in 2009 and 2011 (Spain).

First prize winner of the award of Hazen in Madrid in the Joaquin Turina Conservatoire.

Honor award in the competition in Nüremberg (Germany) in 2010 “Karl Drezsler”, event created for the celebration of the twin towns between Nüremberg and Cordoba.

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